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The Israeli Investment Promotion Agency

Invest in Israel is an integrative body within the Ministry of Economy and Industry that serves as a one-stop shop for a wide range of potential and existing investors. Invest in Israel identifies lucrative investment opportunities, maps potential obstacles and helps fast-track investment.

Our advantage lies in our ability to bridge between private clients needs and government entities, and to promote activities within the framework of the government.

Providing ongoing assistance to overcome challenges and bureaucratic obstacles, expand operations and re−investments and promote a conductive environment for foreign investors

Expert sector managers that lead potential investors from initial interest to successful investments

Forward-thinking conferences and delegations with key figures, businesses and government officials

Data, statistics, facts and figures that lead to knowledge- based decision making



About the Islands of Excellence Series

Israel’s excellence in various industries is well known around the world thanks to its highly skilled workforce, entrepreneurial thinking, groundbreaking research capabilities, high concentration of MNCs, collaborations with the Israeli academy, its defense industry and advanced manufacturing abilities.

THE ISRAELI ECOSYSTEMThese unique characteristics have influenced the development of Israel’s Islands of Excellence: sectors or industries in which Israel shows extraordinary results.

These areas show excellent performances, high growth rates and significant manufacturing potential.