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The UAV Propulsion Technologies Conference is an annual gathering which has turned to be the center stage for all those who engage the field in Israel. It is supported by MAFAT, Technion, Israel Aerospace Industries and Elbit Systems. It is participated by over 220 professionals: engineers, researchers, and leading experts from industry, academia, and government institutes.

The School of Mechanical Engineering at Tel Aviv University offers a variety of academic programs in the field. The students participate in a large variety of activities including research and development, design, manufacturing, engineering, management and maintenance. The school collaborates with prominent industry experts.

The UVID Conference, initiated by Israel Defense, aims to coordinate between strategic players of unmanned systems sector, in the air, space, sea and land, to develop dialogue and build a common knowledge and expertise in the field.






Israel is considered a super-power in the field of UAVs, and this sector accounts for approximately 10% of Israel’s defense exports.

Defense Industry



The Israeli Air Force Drone Training Center holds annual courses to meet the IDF’s rising demand for UAVs. The IAF recently opened its gates for Italian, American and German UAV operators who arrived at the IAFs Airbases with the aim of familiarizing themselves with the Israeli UAV activity.

IAI’s Remotely Piloted Aerial System (RPAS) Academy is a unique solution for training and certification of remotely piloted aerial system operators and technicians. The Academy implements its vision
by addressing all RPAS personnel (internal Pilots, external Pilots, payload operators of all types, technicians, mission-commanders and instructors) based on a generic and “cross-platform” training concept customary in manned flight schools around the world, which enables customers, whether of IAI systems or not, to gain better-quality, shorter, less expensive and unified UAS training.


Israeli defense expertise is used in the civil sector as startup entrepreneurs use the knowledge they have accumulated during their army service and implement it into their projects. In addition, Israeli military UAVs are exported abroad and are diverted for civilian missions.