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The composite materials market constitutes a part of the plastics and rubber market in Israel, with annual exports totaling $2.6B, about 6% of Israel’s total industrial exports.

The industry in Israel consists of some 500 manufacturers and 23,700 employees.

The workers in the field of composite materials are engaged in both production and development, and include material engineers, composite materials technicians and production workers.

About 20 leading companies operate in the field of composite materials for aviation, most of which control the entire product process, from planning to manufacturing.

Composite Materials for Aviation Companies and Startups in Israel, Year of Establishment

The Israeli composite materials industry developed rapidly since the 1990. More than 80% of composite materials companies in Israel were founded in the past 25 years.



The Israeli Plastics and Rubber Center of deals with applied research and development in the field of rubber and plastic polymers for various industries. Special assemblies are being developed in the center and find their way into the Israeli industry and from there to the rest of the world. An important part of the center’s projects is funded by the Israel Innovation Authority and the Ministry of Defense. The center’s team of scientists operates from two locations, one at the Shenkar College in Ramat Gan and the other in the Technion in Haifa.

The Afeka College offers a specialization track in Mechanical Engineering,
which is aimed at integrating into the industry in production processes and quality assurance, and in research and development of components and materials. This track in the field of complex materials, prepares the students to work in the industry.

composite materials for aviation industry - global perspective