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Join the Best innovation and Scouting Centers

Companies conduct scouting activities based on their unique means and ends.

Nautilus AOL

An accelerator run by AOL Ventures holding programs lasting 8–12 months, during which participants get help honing their product so they go out to the world with vast business development experience.

The accelerator targets start-ups in the seed/pre-seed stages in the fields of digital media, AdTech, software, IoT/Connected world, cyber, AR/ VR, AI, BI, mobile, e-commerce, DevOps, communications and search. Nautilus AOL also joins the seed round with amounts of $100,000 or more. Notable start-ups from the program include Hachiko, Zirra, EraSence, Splitty,, Take&Make and Reactful.

3M R&D arm and innovation center

3M, a large scientific MNC, has been operating in Israel since 1996.

After its investments in the Israeli company Attenti, it established an R&D arm that functions as a scouting center for further investments and acquisitions. Through its R&D arm the company invested in companies such as VocalZoom and TaKaDu Recently, 3M opened a customer innovation center that deepens the company’s level of exposure in Israel, and is meant to be a place where 3M can tout its wares to customers and learn what kind of new products those customers are looking for.