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Top events and organizations

1. Hackathons: Originally, hackathons were events where computer programmers and others involved in software development collaborate intensively over a short period of time in order to solve a specific problem. In addition to a very large amount of Israeli computer-related hackathons in areas such as cyber security, advertising, big data and more, there has recently been an expansion of the hackathons concept to new and diverse areas, such as:

  1. Haclimaton12: A hackathon run buy the Herzliya municipality aimed at reducing the use of private transportation and diminishing traffic problems and greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. Hackathon on Wheels13: Run by the TinyLove Company, aimed at designing creative and smart solutions and products for babies.
  3. Hacking the Psoriasis Journey14: Hackathon aimed at the development of technological solutions that will improve the quality of life of psoriasis patients.

2. Innovation events & conferences: Israel is a natural home for start-up and innovation events and conferences. These events make it easier to form connections between relevant players in the industry and find new opportunities for cooperation.

The highlight of these events is the global DLD conference, held in Tel Aviv for 6 consecutive years.15

Digital Life Design (DLD) is a global conference network that acts as a platform for an exchange of visions and experiences, driven by the mission to create a network of innovation, digital prospects, science and culture. The conference is held in major cultural centers around the globe, such as New York, Beijing, San Francisco, London, Moscow, New Delhi, Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv and Munich.

3. The Israeli Innovation Center: The center, located at the Peres Center for Peace in Tel Aviv, was launched in June 2016. The center aims to present Israel’s transformation from an arid and desolate desert into the international technological powerhouse it is today to visitors from around the globe. Alongside the museum, it will also function as an entrepreneurship hub and a center for innovation events, hackathons, courses and education.

4. IATI16:Israel Advanced Technology Industries (IATI) is Israel's umbrella organization of hi-tech and life science industries. Its 700+ members belong to every level and aspect of the ecosystem: entrepreneurs, start-ups, incubators, accelerators, R&D centers, local and international MNCs, VC funds, private investors, TTOs (Technology Transfer Offices) and service providers. IATI is active in networking locally and globally, in business development, Knesset lobbying, promoting STEM education and organizing many events and conferences.

5. Governmental entities: The Israeli hi- tech industry is highly diverse, sharing a common interface with almost every aspect of daily life in Israel. There are several governmental entities that are in charge of different features of the hi-tech industry, which operate under several ministries:

  1. Ministry of Economy and Industry: Operates the Israel Innovation Authority, MATIMOP – the Israeli center for R&D, and the incentive programs for FDI.
  2. Ministry of Science, Technology and Space: Operates the National Council for Civil R&D.
  3. Ministry of Education: Operates the Council for Higher Education which monitors the institutes of higher education in Israel.
  4. Ministry of Defense: Operates the Administration for the Development of Weapons and Technological Infrastructure and partially some of the large defense industry corporations: IAI, Rafael, IMI and Elbit.
  5. Ministry of National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources: Operates in the fields of renewable and conventional energy, water technologies and cleantech.
  6. Ministry of Health: Involved in health, medical devices and pharmaceuticals R&D through universities, hospitals and other health research institutes in Israel.
  7. Ministry of Environmental Protection: Conducts research and distributes grants for environmental research.


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Leading shared workspace complexes

The fast growth rates of the start-up industry make shared workspace complexes almost imperative. In a country where there are so many entrepreneurs and innovators, with countless ideas potentially worth developing, shared workspace complexes are a key factor that helps these ideas become a reality.

"The WeWork concept is to create a physical model of the combination between Facebook and LinkedIn, which allows the entrepreneurs to consolidate their team and product, all within a 24/7 networking zone".

Benji Zinger, WeWork Israel CEO

Selected Shared Workspace Complexes:

1. WeWork – The largest global shared workspace company, founded by Adam Neumann and Miguel McKelvey. The chain operates 54 complexes, 8 of which are located in Israel:

  • WeWorkHerzliya–Located20minutes from the center of Tel Aviv (1 Shenkar Street, Herzliya).
  • WeWorkDubnov–Locatedinthecenter of Tel Aviv (7 Dubnov, Tel Aviv).
  • WeWork Sarona – Located in Sarona complex in the center of Tel Aviv (3 Aluf Kalman Magen, Tel Aviv).
  • WeWork Ibn Gavirol – Located in the center of Tel Aviv (30 Ibn Gavirol Street, Tel Aviv).
  • WeWork HaZerem – Located in South Tel Aviv (7 HaPelech, Tel Aviv).
  • WeWork Be’er Sheva – Located in Southern Israel (Gev-Yam Negev Park, Be'er Sheva).

Coming soon:

  • WeWork Haifa - Located at a five minute walking distance from the Train station in downtown Haifa (Derech Ha'atzmaut 45 Haifa).
  • WeWork Jerusalem - Located in the center of Jerusalem (King George 32 Jerusalem).

2. Mindspace – Israeli shared workspace company. It operates 2 complexes in Israel and 2 in Germany:

  • MindspaceRothschild–Locatedinthe center of Tel Aviv (45 Rothschild, Tel Aviv).
  • Mindspace Ahad Ha’am – Located in the center of Tel Aviv (54 Ahad Ha'am, Tel Aviv).

3. Rishon Start-up – A hub created by the city of Rishon LeZion in cooperation with the JVP VC, located in Rishon LeZion, 30 minutes from Tel Aviv (6 Moshe Sharett, Rishon LeZion).